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Located in the heart of Moose Jaw, the friendly city, Lula Janitorial offers professional cleaning services to homes, government buildings, business offices, private buildings, churches etc. Lula’s service is about putting professional mind to work to maintain an enjoyable clean environment.  Attention to details and professionalism lead to perfection, remain a sacred motto of Lula. One single phone call to solicit our business will be a life changing opportunity in your home or business space.  So, sit back, relax, and let us do the work.

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Cleaning tree sap from an unfinished wood deck

To remove tree sap from your unfinished wood deck, apply mineral spirits with an old rag. Rub the area well and then wash the area off with dish washing liquid and hot water (about 1tsp of dish washing liquid to 1 quarter of hot water). Rinse the area well with clean water.

After carpet cleaning

  • Set up fans to blow across the carpet
  • Be sure you have windows open or you have turned on your heat or air conditioner
  • Do not put towels, newspapers, sheets etc. on the carpet
  • Be careful on hard floors like linoleum because they will be slippery
  • After the carpet is completely dry, vacuum it.